AI for the people

AI revolution is coming.

We believe that AI can benefit every business out there, no matter what size.

We believe that doing AI need not require a huge amount of cash or thousand of engineers.

We will bridge the gap to help you bring AI into your business. is a platform for dataset creation using the concept of crowd-labelling, designed for simplicity to allow thousands of people to collaboratively label datasets. The platform is free to use for any open dataset project with a privacy-enhanced system for commercial projects.

While manual labelling of data is the most time consuming part of any machine learning/AI development, the task is trivial against the unify effort of the people. provides a domain-driven application development and consultancy. We specialises in applying the latest research ideas and techniques to solve real problems in real businesses.

AI can benefit many aspect of businesses today. Many real challenges can be solves with what already available right now in academia, never to reach the people who need them.

We bride them together.

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