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Datahives Ltd is a UK-based software company focusing on delivering tools and services to enable researchers and small businesses access to latest technologies.


Datahives Cloud Hive

Datahives Cloud Hives is a cloud platform for crowd-labelling of dataset for machine learning/AI researchers and businesses. Designed to employ the power of people, Cloud Hive is very easy to use and very secure. Learn more...


Datahives Home Hive

Datahives Home Hive is a hybrid cloud-local data repository system. Designed to work with various item formats, Home Hive can store and organise everything from books, data, research articles, videos - both in digital and physical forms. Learn more...

Built for researchers

Datahives Ltd was founded by researchers with the focus on improving research experience and productivity. 

Data security

All information stored within Datahives are encrypted according to the latest encryption standard.
Not even us can access your data

European privacy

All servers of Datahives Ltd are located in Europe. Being a UK company, all our data privacy policies complies with the EU regulation and standard.

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Kemp House,
160 City Road, London
United Kingdom

Company registered in England and Wales. Company registration number 11026037.